How to participate

If you would like to make a regular donation to a charity through the payroll, please review the list of charities and select the charity(s) that you would like to support. Then complete a Cummins employee banking and deductions form including the name of the charity(s) and the amount of money you would like to donate each pay (minimum donation amount is $1). Then send your completed form to CBS HR for processing.

Download the Cummins employee deduction form - click here.

You may also like to make a one off donation (minimum donation amount is $2). This is available to all Cummins employees during the months of June and December each year.  Please follow the same process as above and ensure you complete and submit your form at least two weeks prior to your pay period.

Further information on this process is available under FAQs and by contacting CBS HR directly.

Matching Gifts Program